Well the time changed. We all moved inside again, flipped that switch and turned on the lights. OR NOT.  It's easy to forget all about that broken light fixture over the summer but jeesh it's November and it's dark! Give us a call and let us help light up your life. (Its a cheesy reference to a golden oldie . . . look it up . . . Debbie Boone . . .someday you'll need that for a trivia game and you'll thank me)




We are all grateful for gruesome heat to be moving on, but the truth of the matter is that temperature extremes at either end of the spectrum can be challenging. The hardship of a long term, wide spread power outage in the dead of winter or the scorching summer can be softened by a home generator system. 


Ercole Electric can make that little extra security a reality for your family.


Once you have a generator back-up system in place you can relax and let mother nature do whatever it is she's gonna do! From wicked blizzards, to roaring thunderstorms and back again YOU'VE GOT THE POWER.





Call Ercole Electric for more information on the benefits of a back up generator system.




Adapters for USB devices consume valuable outlet space. Replace any standard receptacle with a combination receptacle/USB charger.


From one outlet location, charge two devices and still have room for the toaster!



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